Mindfulness with Students

Studies find that youth benefit from learning mindfulness in terms of improved cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and well being. In turn, such benefits may lead to long-term improvements in life. 

For example, social skills in kindergarten predict improved education, employment, crime, substance abuse and mental health outcomes in adulthood.

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Mindfulness Fundamentals

Develop a personal mindfulness practice to deepen self-awareness and increase well-being

Discover How to Tap the Infinite Power of Your Inner Knowing and Take Charge of Your Own Well-Being

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The Warrior Mindset - How to Get A Bullet Proof Mindset

By Jessie Bowen - Specializing in Mindfulness Training, Sports Hypnosis, Meditation, and Sports Mind-Game Training. He is a former mindfulness instructor for Duke University, martial arts sports performance coach UNC Chapel Hill Football Program and NUCU Women's Bowling Collegiate Program.  Along with Dr. Donna Norris, Psychologist, author, and life coach.

Start Your Mindfulness  Class For Kids

Discover how to manage and lessen stress and anxiety – and instead, create a much calmer, harmonious and happier life

Build better relationships in family, business and love without the emotional reactive up- and downswings for smoother interactions and stronger collaborations

How to keep your daily life and meditation sessions undisturbed and engaged in which you can reach a complete state of Mindfulness

Experience total mind and body rejuvenation, feeling more invigorated and energised to deal with the overwhelming demands of a busy lifestyle

Boost creativity and draw on newly found inspiration to resolve challenges and everyday problems with emotional resilience and enhanced intuition

Gain a deeper understanding of what decisions to make for success and in becoming super human

Learn The Secrets To Inner 

Peace & Stillness  

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