Do You Know How Your Brain Really Works?

Updated: Apr 1

RE: Do You Know How Your Brain Really Works? While you are born with a fully intact brain, it is many years before your mind operates at its full capacity or can use all its many functions. Your brain is like a computer, and as such, it takes decades to program it and increase its capacity. And because your mind continues to develop throughout your life, it is never really “done” growing and developing. Every experience you have, every emotion you feel, every bit of information or sensory data you take in is contributing to the evolution of your mind. These new pieces of data make physical changes to your brain, and this constant change continues until you die. To know how to change your brain, it is helpful first to understand just exactly how your mind works. • Your brain is a web of millions of circuits, also known as neural pathways. • These are connections between all the various parts of your brain. • Neural pathways that are used more frequently are more robust than those that are seldom used. • Your neural pathways are responsible for nearly everything that you learn and do. • Your neural pathways begin to develop before birth, and most of them see their origins develop in childhood and early adolescence. • You are continually developing new connections throughout your life. • Your brain also goes through a process called pruning, which is when your mind gets rid of neural pathways that are no longer used and reorganizes other channels to make them more efficient.

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